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Our garage is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic transmission fluid (ATF) exchanger. So, if you’re based in the local area and drive an automatic, make us your first choice. Contact our garage today to find out more or to book a slot for your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Most manufacturers recommend exchanging your ATF every 40,000 miles to keep your automatic gearbox running smoothly. If you fail to maintain your gearbox properly, you may encounter serious mechanical faults that can be expensive to repair.

Unlike many garages, we have a state-of-the-art ATF exchanger on hand to help make the process of changing your automatic transmission fluid as straightforward as possible. Traditionally, mechanics would have drained ATF via the sump plug. However, our machine runs a flushing detergent through the gearbox, making sure 100% of the oil is exchanged.

Signs Your ATF Needs to Be Changed

  • Rough gearshifts, especially when accelerating
  • Delayed or slow gearshifts while driving
  • Difficulty moving from Park to Drive or Reverse
  • Unusually noisy gearshifts or transmission noise
  • Increased vibrations felt inside your vehicle

Benefits of ATF Exchange

  • Smoother gearshifts all round
  • Reduced noise when changing gear
  • Easier gear selection
  • Reduced vibrations during transmission
  • Faster gearshifts when accelerating

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